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5 Reasons Why Cosmetic Tattooing Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

If you’ve made it to 2017 without hearing about cosmetic tattooing, then keep reading! It’s a semi-permanent treatment that can give you beautifully full eyebrows or flawless eyeliner by putting pigment into the first few layers of skin with a micro-blade. If done by a reputable, experienced beauty professionalcosmetic tattooing will enhance your natural beauty and make your life soooo much easier. Here’s why.


1. Save Precious Time in the Morning

With the help of cosmetic tattooing, your morning make-up routine will be cut in half. No longer will you have to labour over creating the perfect arched eyebrow or winged eyeliner - all of the hard work is already taken care of. You can replace this time spent in front of the mirror with something you really love, like cooking up a proper breakfast or catching up with a friend over coffee before work.


2. A Fit Girl’s Best Friend

If you’re someone who loves their daily workouts, we’re sure you get frustrated with having your makeup go awry. We’ve all seen someone whose eye makeup is running as fast as they are. But with semi-permanent eyeliner or eyebrows from cosmetic tattooing, you can head to the gym confident that your makeup will enhance rather than detract from your post-workout glow!


3. Stress-Free Holidays

When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want to be doing is spending time applying and retouching your makeup. But with all of the walking around, splashing in the water and time in the sun, it’s pretty hard not to worry about the state of your makeup. With cosmetic tattooing, you can leave your makeup bag at home knowing you’ll be Instagram ready for travel snaps.


4. Great Alternative for Allergies or Poor Eyesight

For people with poor eyesight or a tremor, doing your eye makeup can be a real chore if it’s possible at all. What’s more, many people find that the allergic reactions from eye makeup makes it completely out of the question. If you’re in the same boat, cosmetic tattooing lets you look your absolute best despite the difficult circumstances you’re in.


5. The Most Natural-Looking Makeover

If you’re eager to shake up your look but you don’t want to come away looking like a cross between yourself and RuPaul, cosmetic tattooing will do the trick. This procedure will give your look a subtle refresh and enhance your natural features. To effortlessly achieve on-trend bushy brows and sultry winged eyeliner, come see our Simply Laser experts about cosmetic tattooing. And make sure you have a look at their stunning work via our Instagram.


Get In Touch About Cosmetic Tattooing

Simply Laser’s Brisbane CBD Clinic offers a range of bespoke cosmetic tattooing procedures to enhance your facial features. Leona is a recognised expert in cosmetic tattooing and is available to consult with you about your specific needs. Get in touch by calling 07 3211 4785 or emailing to find out more about what cosmetic tattooing can do for you.

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