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Laser for Darker Skin Tones

Always wanted to try laser hair removal but you’ve been told your skin isn’t suitable because of it’s tone? We understand! For years clients with naturally dark skin tones have missed out on the silky smooth and lasting results of laser because of inferior technology. Early lasers like the Ruby were designed with shorter frequencies which target the melanin in the hair, which meant great results for fair skinned clients with dark hair but often spelled disaster for clients with skin tones that are naturally higher in melanin. But those days are officially over! Thanks to our award winning laser the Cynosure Elite Plus and its Nd:YAG now you too can enjoy the incredible benefits of laser hair removal and put that nasty razor where it belongs - in the bin!

‘I’ve tried laser before and it didn’t work’

Traditionally cheaper laser treatments like the Ruby work by targeting the dark pigment in hair with short, sharp frequencies. This dark pigment naturally absorbs the light of the laser, converting it to heat and destroying the follicle to prevent hair growth. Sounds simple enough, however for clients with naturally dark skin, this means that these short wavelengths are unable to penetrate past the melanin in your skin resulting in less effective results, greater discomfort during treatment and occasionally some very nasty burns. Fortunately at Simply Laser we only work with the award winning Cynosure Elite Plus Nd:YAG laser, the world’s first laser designed specifically for clients with dark skin tones.

What makes the Nd:YAG different?

It might not have the sexiest name, but you’ll be absolutely amazed by the results delivered by our Nd:YAG laser treatments. Specifically designed with darker skin tones in mind, the laser works on a longer wavelength frequency than previous designs. This means it can bypass the melanin at the epidermis and penetrate deep into the hair follicle without the risk of burning your precious skin. I recently worked with a client who had experienced laser in the past and always found it never worked. She wouldn’t wear her hair up because of hair around her face and through a dedicated treatment plan our laser treatments were able to solve that issue once and for all. For the first time I’m seeing my client confidently wear her hair up in buns, pony tails and more. Not to mention there’s a bigger smile on her face every time I see her.

How long will it take to see results?

While the results may differ depending on your individual needs we recommend a minimum of 6-10 treatments to guarantee long lasting and thorough results. To ensure your skin is rested and ready we also recommend waiting a minimum of 6 weeks between appointments.
*Results can differ from client to client and we always recommend trying a patch test before committing to more extensive treatment. Just ask one of our beauty professionals for a consultation.

Want to know more?

Got a burning question about laser hair removal for dark skin that we haven’t answered? Just get into contact with one of our professional team of experts for some friendly advice on how we can start you on your journey to silky smooth freedom.