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Backne, or Back Acne, Bringing you Down?

Breakouts on your back? This is referred to as back acne, or backne. It is common and nothing to be ashamed of. Our team at Simply Laser share some tips on how to get rid of backne.

What is Backne?

Sweat and the friction off our clothes makes it easy for dead skin, oil or bacteria to get trapped. Bacteria breeds in an environment that has no oxygen which causes inflamed tissue under the skin. Backne can be caused by a number of triggers, not just sweating! Poor hygiene, poor diet and hormonal factors can contribute to back acne. Medication can also be a cause, as well as puberty.

A lot of people can get backne, or back acne, in the form of whiteheads or P-acne (Propionibacterium Acnes). P-acne is one of the hardest of acnes to treat as it is a bacteria that grows in your skin.

So How Can You Get Rid Of It?

Our esthetician, Aoife, recommends taking anti-inflammatories such as EFAs to help reduce backne. EFAs are also hormone balancers which can help control testosterone levels. Topical products can also be used to dry backne out. Opt for products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acids and Vitamin As. Vitamin A is particularly good for any sort of skin dysfunction as it will regulate the skin cells. You could also try an in-clinic treatment at Simply Laser like a peel to help reduce the dead skin cell build up and allow those pores more room to breathe.


Sort Out Your Back Acne at Simply Laser

For more information on what products to use, or to book in for a treatment, please contact us at Simply Laser by calling us on 07 3211 4785.

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