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Client Results From Our Simply Laser Beauty Salon in Brisbane

When you visit a Beauty Salon in Brisbane, one of the most important factors in determining whether the salon you've chosen is right for you, is if you've achieved your desired results. 

At Simply Laser, we understand everyone's skin is different.

Whether your objective is to wind back the clock, to treat congestion or other skin issues, to enhance your features, or to just develop and implement a routine your skin agrees with, we take great pride in producing positive results for all of our clients with personalised, effective treatments. 

We've had some incredible feedback from clientele who've had tailored beauty and skin care treatments with us, and achieved some great results. Here are just some of those results below.

@Thatpilatespassion | Karlie

Karlie first came to our beauty salon in Brisbane approximately 12 months ago. She had just stopped the contraceptive pill  and was experiencing some skin issues. We personalised Karlie's treatments to target pigment and congestion, through our Signature Facelift Peel, devising a personalised skin care regime. She also had her eyebrows micro-bladed. She loved her Simply Laser results.


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Oh hey good morning 🤗. Just over here embracing the skin I’m in - and that includes the little scar on my forehead (I ran into a clothesline when I was little 😂), the pigmentation under my eyes, and the constant shine on my forehead! In terms of skin care though there are definitely some things I wish I could tell my younger self. Here are the top tips I’ve learnt from my skin journey with @simplylaser 🔹great skin doesn’t come from random treatments. Consistency is key. Develop a skin care plan and follow it 🔹you need good quality products for your at home skin regime 🔹 sun protection is not a joke 🔹 trust the experts. You probably don’t think twice about dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a big night so why not invest in your skin? 🔹 drink water 🔹 wear bbcream or minimal makeup during day - let your skin breathe 🔹 get enough sleep 🔹 everyone is different so have a consultation and get specialised treatments for your skin. Don’t get a specific treatment just because you saw someone else get it 🔹don’t over scrub your face (my worst habit!) 🔹 don’t pick or squeeze your beautiful, delicate skin 🔹 and finally - love the skin you’re in

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@ellenrobbiins | Ellen Robbiins

Ellen had regularly suffered from hormonal acne issue, during her pregnancy and shortly after the birth of her daughter. She embarked on a treatment program with us in early 2018.

We recommended a plan of dermapen skin needling, which is a great way to treat skin textural issues including acne, fine lines, stretch marks and even acne scarring, as well as regular facials. She also adopted a skin care routine of natural products, and reduced the amount of makeup she wore.

After regular visits to our beauty salon in Brisbane, her skin has seen a complete turnaround, with great improvements in the texture of her skin and fewer breakouts.

She says to make sure to find out what works for your skin, as every skin type is different. She also says to "invest in the best treatments and products you can, and always look after your yourself, your skin will thank you."


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GOOD SKIN DAYS ✨💫 CC: @simplylaser X @biologiserum 🌟

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@sineadhegarty (Sinead Hegarty)

Sinead had heard good things about our beauty salon in Brisbane, and visited Leona while she was conducting her monthly clinic placements in Sydney. She has naturally fair hair and sparse brows that required drawing in daily. After researching micro-blading, she decided she was a suitable candidate for the treatment, putting her brows in the hands of Leona.

The results completely changed her makeup routine and her face, bringing out her blue eyes and framing her features.

Our beauty salon in Brisbane can create a tailored treatment program for you

Contact the Simply Laser team to discuss your skin issues, your desired outcomes and more about different the treatments we offer. Alternatively, come visit us in our new salon on Edward street in the Brisbane CBD. We'd love to hear from you.

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