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DMK Enzyme Treatments: Our Top FAQS

At Simply Laser, we are proud to be the only skin clinic in Brisbane CBD that provides paramedical, advanced skin treatments by DMK. An extremely effective treatment we offer at our clinic are the DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments. They are non-invasive, hydrolyzing skin conditioning treatments that remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface without causing the skin to peel.

Our enzyme masques all consist of a blend of transfer messenger enzymes and specialised ingredients that increase circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, increase free water levels in the skin and enhance collagen production. This strengthens and tightens the skin.

What does Enzyme Therapy Achieve?

These treatments rebuild and improve the overall health of your skin and treat functions of the skin that contribute to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, blackheads and breakouts. DMK Enzyme therapy can also help revise loose and sagging skin whilst tightening skin tissue. The best thing about enzyme therapy is that it is suitable for most skin types, colours and conditions.

What we see on the surface of our skin reflects what is happening within. Enzyme therapy at Simply Laser helps restore and regulate optimal skin functioning to address the cause of your skin’s specific problems, not just the visible symptoms!

How Does it Feel?

The mask gets very tight and hardens on the skin. You may experience pulsing, a slight throbbing feeling, and some clients even experience an itching sensation. Don’t worry, though! These are all positive signs that the treatment is working to its full potential! Your skin will look plump, fresh and glowing post-treatment! You may experience some superficial flaking depending on the amount of dead skin accumulation and the pre-treatments performed before your Enzyme treatment.


What's the Best Way to Maximise DMK Enzyme Results?

Results from the DMK enzyme treatment vary from client to client as each individual skin type will respond differently. However, in order to maximise your results, you must:

  • Adhere to your paramedical homecare that has been prescribed specifically for you by your esthetician.
  • Do not sunbathe for at least 24 hours post treatment. Ensure you wear SPF 50.
  • Continue with regular treatments and your prescribed home care routine to prolong the results.

What Other Skin Treatments Do You Offer?

Simply Laser offers a wide range of effective paramedical skin treatments and cosmeceutical-grade chemical peels. Whatever your skin type or concerns, Simply Laser has a treatment to suit you. Remember, beautiful skin starts with healthy skin!

The key to healthy skin is to be consistent with using highly effective professional treatments that have been customised to your specific skin conditions. However, it is equally as important to ensure you keep up with your prescribed home care products and routine. We offer treatments that complement your home care products to maintain your skin.


Book a DMK Enzyme Treatment or Skin Treatment at Simply Laser

Our estheticians are experts in skin! All clients will receive an in-depth skin consultation before starting their skin treatments and home care. This ensures that we know what your skin concerns and desired results are. We can then discuss a course of treatments and prescribe appropriate paramedical home care to ensure we achieve those results. Please get in touch to book your skin consultation.

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