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Why We LOVE Feathering Tattooing For Eyebrows

Are your eyebrows more high-maintenance than you’d like them to be? Needing all kinds of eyebrow pencils, gels and powders to keep them in check? Feathering tattooing is our best kept secret for getting long-lasting eyebrows to rival Cara Delevigne’s. Here’s what you need to know about this life-changing cosmetic treatment.


How Feathering Tattooing Works

Feathering tattooing for eyebrows involves using an extremely fine blade to implant semi-permanent pigment into the skin. Our cosmetic professionals will spend time crafting an eyebrow look perfect for your individual face shape, and based on your personal tastes. Afterwards, you’re left with luscious brows that will last up to eighteen months.

The procedure takes less than two hours, and no downtime is required. But to make sure the colour of the tattoo lasts, we recommend having one touch up 4 weeks after the procedure.


Is Feathering Tattooing Safe and Does It Hurt?

Yes, feathering tattooing is perfectly safe as long as you visit a reputable clinic with the right licenses and experienced staff. To make sure you have a flawless experience and flawless brows, we’d recommend reading our pre and post treatment guidelines.

Does feathering tattooing hurt? At Simply Laser, we use anaesthetic creams before and during the procedure to minimise any discomfort. The instrument used in feathering tattooing has fine blades that are much smaller than the needles used in regular body tattoo guns, so it isn’t as painful as getting a traditional tattoo. Most of our clients say they experienced only small levels of discomfort, not pain.


Can Anyone Have Feathering Tattooing?

While feathering tattooing is a perfectly safe procedure for the majority of women who come to see us, there are a handful of health conditions that don’t mix well with it. If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic or undergoing chemotherapy, we do not recommend having a tattooing treatment. You should also avoid the procedure if you have epilepsy, major heart problems, skin irritations near your eyebrows, a viral infection, a cold/flu, a disease of any form or if you’ve had anti-wrinkle injections in the past three weeks.

Also, it’s worth noting that people with naturally sparse, thin or patchy eyebrows will get the most benefit from feathering tattooing. If your eyebrows are already thick and well-shaped – you’re probably better suited to non-permanent makeup solutions! But you’re more than welcome to come in for a free consultation to chat about any concerns.


Why Our Customers Love It

Here’s what some of our wonderful customers think about the cosmetic eyebrow treatments at Simply Laser.

“Leona has done such a wonderful job on my brows, they look amazing and I get so many compliments on them! She’s turned my crazy, lopsided brows into masterpieces and I love them so much. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

“Leona saved my eyebrows! After a botched microblading experience, she gave me the brows I have always wanted. Highly recommend!”

“When I first came in my eyebrows barely grew and one was nearly a whole eyebrow height then the other. After a few sessions however, they are perfectly symmetrical and look so full. Both Ciara and Leona take the time to understand what you want and are so patient and lovely. Honestly worth every penny... You get what you pay for. 10/10 would recommend.”

“The girls are amazing here! My eyebrows have never looked better.”


Ready to Evoke Some Serious Eyebrow Envy?

If you can’t wait to unveil your brand new brows, book in for a free consultation with one of our highly-trained beauty professionals. Our Simply Laser clinic is in a discreet location in the Brisbane CBD, so you can stop by whenever suits. To book an appointment, you can get in touch with our Brisbane eyebrow experts, or book a feathering tattooing appointment online.

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