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How to Choose a Laser Hair Removal Centre

Tossing up between different laser clinics? Our laser experts weigh in on what to look for in a professional laser hair removal centre.


Latest Laser Technology

Because laser hair removal technology is evolving and improving so rapidly, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible results when you pay for laser hair removal. So, make sure the laser hair removal centre you choose is using the latest industry-leading technology, effective on all skin and hair types. At Simply Laser, we use the latest Cynosure lasers that caters for all skin tones.


Great Reviews

After you’ve researched the technology used by a clinic, the next most important thing to look at is their reviews. While every clinic might have the occasional angry-for-no-reason reviewer, look at the general consensus to see whether this clinic has more 3 stars or 5 stars. Pay close attention to whether people thought the staff were friendly, whether they had a pleasant experience, and how clean and professional they thought the clinic was.


Convenient Location

Something that people don’t often consider when booking their first laser hair removal treatment, is that effective hair removal requires at least six consecutive treatments. Because you’ll be visiting your laser hair removal centre so often during your treatment period, you’ll want the centre’s location to be as convenient as possible.

The Simply Laser clinic is located on Albert Street in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. Because of our central location, a lot of our clients can come to appointments during their lunch breaks, or after work.


Laser Removal Bundles

Following on from our point about effective laser hair removal requiring at least six treatments, another thing to take into consideration is whether a clinic offers discounted prices on bundles of treatments. If you’re booking say, eight laser sessions, you don’t want to be paying the same amount as someone booking only one. A course of laser is an investment, and you can save a LOT of money by asking a laser hair removal centre whether they offer bundled pricing.


More Questions?

If you have any more questions about what to expect from a professional laser hair removal centre, get in touch with our team. You can also read our articles about what to do pre and post treatment, laser for dark skin tones as well as our most common laser treatments for men.


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