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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin with the Cynosure Nd:YAG Machine

Laser technology has existed for quite some time and is now the preferred method to permanently remove hair. Unfortunately, older technologies have not always been as sophisticated as they are today, and have not permitted women of colour to undergo any hair removal treatments safely. With a recent advancement in technology, laser hair removal for dark skin is not only possible, but it is safe and extremely effective, thanks to the Cynosure Nd:YAG Machine. Here is everything you need to know about this machine and laser for dark skin.


Dark Skin and Laser Hair Removal

If you have dark skin, it is important to understand why laser has always been considered a risk.

Traditional lasers were designed with shorter frequencies to target the melanin in hair follicles. While this was great for someone with fair skin and dark hair, unfortunately, it could not offer the same results for those with dark skin as they are naturally higher in melanin.

Lasers were considered a non-option for dark skin, due to not being able to properly distinguish hair follicles and skin pigment. This meant laser hair removal could potentially cause burns, blisters and even scarring. Darker skin tones also tend to have more sensitive skin and are at a higher risk of hyperpigmentation if the skin is burned or damaged.


What Is the Cynosure Nd:YAG Machine?

The 1064nm wavelength laser, also known as Nd:YAG Machine, has been specifically designed for laser hair removal for dark skin. With a longer wavelength than other lasers for fair skin, this laser bypasses the melanin in the skin to penetrate deeper into the hair follicle without damaging or burning the skin. Also used in conjunction with a skin cooling machine, Zimmer, the laser can penetrate through the cooled skin and minimises the chance of any damage to it.


How to Prep the Skin Before Your Treatment?

Before commencing our laser hair removal for dark skin treatments, there are several precautions to take.

Refrain from using any skin care products with harsh ingredients such as retinoids, salicylic acids and benzoyl peroxide at least 5 days beforehand. It is also best to avoid sun exposure, as it will increase the amount of melanin in the skin, and potentially result in reactions to the laser.

The root of the hair follicle must be present for the laser, so avoid tweezing or waxing before and in between appointments. Instead, use a sharp razor to shave the treatment area to remove the longer hairs that sit above the skin.


What to Do Post Treatment?

After your treatment for laser hair removal for dark skin, we recommend applying aloe vera to the treated area for the first five days to reduce any redness or even swelling.

We also suggest that you avoid exposing your treatment area to the sun for the first few weeks after each session. If you do go in the sun, always apply a very high SPF sunscreen to protect the areas that are exposed. It is also best to steer clear of the gym, physical exercise and the swimming pool for at least 24 to 48 hours post-treatment, as well as strenuous exercise and steam rooms.

Once your first treatment is done, you may need 8 to 12 treatments every 6 for your body and 4 for facial areas.


Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin at Simply Laser

If you would like to speak to on our experienced team members about laser hair removal for dark skin, the Nd:YAG laser machine and our prices, get in touch or visit us at our new Brisbane location on Edward Street. We also offer a variety of other treatments including Microblading, Pigmentation Removal and DMK Enzyme Therapy.

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