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Laser Pigmentation Removal – Our Top 5 FAQs

Living in sunny Queensland, it would be almost impossible to avoid accumulating a nice collection of freckles, sun spots and pigmentation. While some people love their freckly skin, others would prefer a more even skin tone – which is where laser pigmentation removal can help! Here are the five questions our laser specialists hear most frequently about this effective new treatment.

Does Laser Pigmentation Removal Hurt?

This is the question that’s on everyone’s mind when they ask about laser pigmentation removal. While we hear different opinions from our clients about the pain level of laser pigmentation removal, most people liken the treatment to the mild discomfort of having a small rubber band snapping on the skin.

Our laser machines include cooling devices to alleviate discomfort, but if you are very sensitive to the pain and find it intolerable, we can apply topical anaesthetics before continuing the treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

For optimal results, we recommend that our clients receive 2-3 treatments spaced over a 3 week period. In saying that, laser pigmentation removal is very much an individual process, and will depend on your level of pigmentation. It will also depend on the results you’re wishing to achieve. Some people notice a 50% reduction in pigmentation after just one treatment – which might be enough for you!

How Long Will the Treatments Take?

Depending on the size of the area you’re wanting to treat, a laser pigmentation removal treatment will generally take about 20-30 minutes. But for smaller areas such as your hands or your face, the treatment will likely not take as long. You will be able to resume your normal activities the day after the treatment.

Is Laser Pigmentation Removal Permanent?

This is a question that again, varies from client to client. However, if the treated area is prepped and cared for post-treatment as per the instructions that our beauty specialists will give you, it is unlikely that the pigmentation will return. Excessive sun exposure will inevitably cause damage to your skin over time, but this you can minimise this with strong, high-quality sunscreens and avoidance of too much time in the sun.

Is This the Best Way to Remove Pigmentation?

While some clients opt to remove pigmentation on their face with a chemical peel, we do not recommend treating areas of the body this way. Laser is an extremely safe and effective method of removing pigmentation. Our Certified Laser Specialists will provide a skin consultation to assess which type of laser will be most effective for you.

If you have pigmentation, freckles, sun spots or damaged skin that you’d like to improve, get in touch with our laser specialists. Or, book your laser pigmentation appointment online. Simply Laser is a highly successful boutique medispa with a discreet location in the Brisbane CBD.

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