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Sick of Having an Oily T-Zone by Lunchtime?

When it comes to the T-zone, we are dealing with excess oil. It all comes down to oil and sebum control! If you are finding your face oily by the time you escape the office for lunch, you have an overproduction of oil. It means things are not regulated well enough for the skin to stay moist and hydrated without lots of oil coming through.

Moisture and hydration are not just about what we drink from our bottle (although this is extremely important), but it is also about using effective skincare products which will absorb this excess oil, control the oil flow and thus distribute the hydration.

Focus on Stabilizing Your Skin

We have to get our skin into a state where it is stable whether it is oil or water needed. We need it to purify, we need to control, we need to nourish, we need to protect it from the sun, and we need to hydrate the skin. The best way to manage an oily t-zone, or even oily skin in general, is to build a skin routine that includes a thorough cleanse and exfoliation. Moisturising is also important for an oily skin type - hydration is key to rebalancing the skin.

Try Using These Products

Jo, one of our DMK experts at Simply Laser, recommends either Acu-Creme or Acu-Moist. Acu-Creme is a creamier texture whilst Acu-Moist is a lighter texture containing SPF. Both of these products are key for hydration and oily skin. Just because your skin has excess oil, doesn’t mean it doesn’t also need hydration! Excess oil means your skin DOES need hydration.


Chat to Our Team About Your Oily T-Zone Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your skin, please contact Simply Laser and one of our estheticians can advise you. Alternatively, book in for a skin consultation with one of our expert estheticians and they can help you to achieve your skin goals!

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