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The Best Blackhead Removal Hacks For Congested Skin

Do you have congested skin? We all hate those little black dots all over the face - blackheads! Blackheads are caused by excess oil in the pores that have then oxidised. When the oil reaches the skin's surface and exposed to air, the skin oxidises. Think of a lovely yellow banana that becomes black overtime - the sort you always say you’ll save to make banana bread and never actually do! This is what is happening on your face. If you're looking for the best ways to combat congested skin, try these blackhead removal hacks from our estheticians.

What Causes Congestion?

When you’ve got a pore, this can be an indication of oily skin as a result of excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt collecting in your pores. It can also mean dehydrated skin, a water and oil imbalance. It is important to use appropriate products to get the balance right.


Keep Your Skin Clean

The best blackhead removal technique is to keep the skin clean. Congestion starts with your cleansing routine, so it is imperative to have clean, fresh skin every single day.

Not only is it important to cleanse at night, but it is also often quite necessary to cleanse in the mornings as well. It’s just like how you have breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening. So you cleanse your skin in the morning to wake it up and refresh it. Your skin has done all of this amazing work overnight thanks to your nighttime skincare routine, so we must wake it up in the morning and restart it with our morning skincare. Just like how we have our morning coffee and Weetbix to wake us up!

Follow These Tips to Avoid Congestion

  • ALWAYS take your makeup off at the end of the day
  • ALWAYS double cleanse at nighttime
  • Change your pillowcase every 3-4 days
  • Wash your makeup brushes
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake and smoking

Should You Exfoliate?

Exfoliating will help with congestion but it has to be done the right way. Over exfoliating will cause your skin to need more oil or water, so use a mild, non-abrasive exfoliant like the DMK Micro Peel or Exoderma Peel.

Glycolic is lipid loving, so this treatment works well to draw moisture in the skin up to the surface. It swells up those pores and the oil so that you can do extractions more easily. The skin is then easier to clean and freshen and thus remove that excess oil!

Avoid Sweating

Humid weather and sweating causes a build up of grime on the skin. Particularly relevant for those who sweat excessively whilst exercising or working. Congestion is a build up of oil. If you can, try cleansing before leaving the gym. However, if your gym does not have the facilities to cleanse your face, we recommend using a product like the DMK Acu-mist! It comes in a travel size bottle so you can chuck it in your gym bag. Just spray it all over the face before leaving the gym and this will prevent bacteria building up on the skin on your journey home. As soon as you get home, it is important to cleanse as part of your normal routine - bacteria can really build up that quickly! Sweating gives bacteria a juicy environment to grow in.

Clean Your Face With Hot or Cold Water?

Neither! Hot water can damage the skin. You wouldn’t put your hands under really hot water.

Cold water doesn’t emulsify and break down the product that you are applying to your face effectively enough to take it away. Imagine washing up your frying pan - it is a lot harder to clean with cold water than it is with warmer, soapy water! The skin is the same - you need lukewarm water and cleanser to clean it properly.

The water changes your pH balance no matter what temperature it is. Having it too hot on your skin will dehydrate the skin and can damage it so always be careful.


Try The Best Blackhead Removal Techniques For Yourself!

These are the best blackhead removal techniques and products to try at home! If you would like try any of the products recommended, please feel free to visit our clinic in Brisbane City. We stock a wide variety of cosmeceutical skincare products for a variety of skin conditions, including blackheads and acne. Visit our clinic on Edward Street, Brisbane City - in the Gucci Building!

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