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Try These Pigmentation Removal Treatments at Simply Laser

Pigmentation, also referred to as brown/dark spots, are areas of your skin that are darker than your natural pigmentation (melanin). Many of us will experience some form of pigmentation, especially as we age or we repeatedly expose our skin to the sun. If you are looking for pigmentation removal treatments, here are our top recommendations at Simply Laser.


Types of Pigmentation

There are various types and causes of pigmentation.


As the most common type of pigmentation, freckles generally develop after repeated sun exposure. Freckles are more prominent in fair complexions, and appear darker during the summer months.


Another common type of pigmentation is melasma. This pigmentation occurs deeper in the skin’s dermis and appears as brown patches on the face. Causes of melasma are not very clear. What is known is that melasma appears when there is an abundance of melanin, typically in dark-skinned individuals. Factors that could trigger this type of pigmentation include an increase in oestrogen hormones, pregnancy and sun exposure.

Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation

When dark spots of discolouration appear after a skin injury like acne or burns, this is what’s known as post-inflammatory pigmentation. These injuries cause the melanin-producing cells in your skin to create even more pigment.

Sun Spots

Sun spots or photo-aging typically appears after prolonged sun exposure. If you are regularly exposing your skin to the sun, you can expect to see spots forming in your late thirties or early forties. This type of pigmentation has a larger appearance than a freckle and more as a cluster on the skin.

Below are the pigmentation removal treatments you should consider trying at Simply Laser.


Pigmentation Removal Laser Treatment

At Simply Laser, our pigmentation removal services are designed specifically to remove all types of pigmentation using a laser. We offer two treatment options depending on your skin type. The Alexandrite laser, used on lighter skin types, uses a specific wavelength of energy to target pigmented spots without affecting the surrounding skin. Darker skin types should use the Thermo-lo, which uses a radio frequency current to attract the water in the skin, dehydrate the problem area and exfoliate the dried skin to leave clear skin. Both lasers can be used to improve freckles, spots and sun damaged skin.


DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial

If you do not wish to undergo pigmentation removal using a laser, the DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial is a great alternative. Our enzyme therapy treatment helps to improve your skin’s ability to function by flushing out any impurities and restoring fresh new blood, oxygen and nutrients required for cellular regeneration. One of the main benefits of this facial is its ability to reduce the appearance of all types of pigmentation. DMK is particularly help for those with darker skin tones who regularly experience post-inflammatory pigmentation. To see some effective results, we do recommend completing at least two to three sessions.


Dermapen Skin Needling

Dermapen is becoming a popular choice for pigmentation removal, as well as treating acne scars, stretch marks and other skin concerns. It is one of the most effective treatment options to treat pigmentation, as your skin starts to respond to the treatment after your first session, and requires minimal downtime. So how does it work for pigmentation? Creating micro punctures or micro injuries to the skin, this actually encourages your body to repair itself and produce new collagen and skin cells. The old layer of pigmented skill will peel off, and a fresh new layer of skin will form. We recommend completing four to six sessions of micro needling to reap the full benefits of this treatment.


Try One of Our Pigmentation Removal Treatments at Simply Laser

Keen on trying a pigmentation removal treatment? Our team of expert therapists can help you find the best treatment for you. We recommend coming in for a 30 minute consultation session for just $35. During this session, we will assess your skin, your pigmentation and reveal the right treatment. Contact us to book your consultation appointment.

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