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What Are HD Brows?

A single hair can make or break an eyebrow. At Simply Laser we differ to many other brows treatments and create brows to suit the individual, like a fingerprint!

HD Brows work in collaboration with celebrity make-up artists across the world. Simply Laser's overseas trained stylist Leona is proud to say she brought the treatment to Brisbane City! With HD Brows now becoming a craze within Australia and among many celebrities such as Sofie Monk.

HD brows Brisbane

What Are HD Brows?

HD Brows is a unique 7 step treatment high -precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked and sparse brows into the perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Techniques used throughout the treatment include tinting, waxing, threading, plucking, trimming and tailoring.

The HD Brows procedure transforms the way you look and more importantly, how you feel. Unlike other eyebrow treatments that use a ‘one shape fits all’ technique, Simply Laser’s High Definition Brows Brisbane City Clinic assess face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you.


How Do HD Brows Work? 

Using a combination of skills, from preparation and personal consultation to custom blending, designing, creating and tailoring the shape as well as customised aftercare, Simply Laser promises to transform your face to such an extent that the effect has been likened to a mini facelift.


What Happens After the Treatment?

Simply Laser's HD Brows Stylists also discuss how you can care for your brows in between treatments and what hair growth programme you could benefit from.


How Do I Get HD Brows? 

Call Simply Laser’s Clinic and one of our professional HD stylists will be happy to bring you on the journey of HD Brows. Find out what people say about Leona’s High Definition Brows here...

If you are in search of a more permanent solution please check out our Microblading page. 

If you’ve been on the search for the perfect brows, you are in the right place!

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