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Our Most Common Laser Treatments for Men

Thought laser was only for ladies? No way! Laser is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way of treating an array of cosmetic issues, and it requires absolutely no down-time. So gentlemen, read on about our most common laser treatments for men. Or ladies, if you’re looking for a gift to boost your man’s confidence, we offer gift cards for all of the following treatments.


Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser treatments are an extremely effective way of removing hair permanently. How do they work? We use an award-winning medical grade laser machine that directs a narrowly focused laser beam at hair follicles. This laser damages the follicle and destroys its ability to regrow hair. With each treatment, your hair will grow back slower and finer until the follicle eventually grows no hair at all.

While laser hair removal can be used to remove any body or facial hair, the most common treatment areas we see for men are their backs, chests and stomachs. Here’s a full list of our laser treatments and prices for men.


Laser Pigmentation Removal

If you’ve got sun spots, freckles or pigmentation you’d like to get rid of – laser skin treatments can help. These treatments use pulses of laser light to reach deeply into the support structures of the skin. This causes them to regenerate with new collagen and elastin that minimises the appearance of pigmentation.

Depending on the size of the area you’re wanting to treat, a laser pigmentation removal treatment will usually only take 20-30 minutes. For optimal results, we recommend 2-3 treatments spaced over a few weeks. However, this will depend entirely on the results you’re wanting to achieve. Some people notice a 50% reduction in their pigmentation after just one treatment – which might be plenty for you!


Laser Wrinkle Removal

Much like laser pigmentation removal, laser wrinkle removal uses pulses of light to cause the skin to regenerate with collagen and elastin. The result, is plumper, more youthful skin. This treatment is great for targeting frown lines, smile lines, smoker’s lines and any other facial wrinkles. And unlike other wrinkle treatments, you won’t walk away looking like you’ve just had a round of botox.

Are the treatments painful? No, laser should not be painful. While some people report mild levels of discomfort, most say they just feel a warm sensation on the skin. The area will feel a bit like a sunburn for a few hours, but this can be soothed with aloe vera gel. Laser treatments require no down-time, so you can resume your daily activities immediately.


Book Your Laser Treatments for Men

Ready to get started with laser? Get in touch with the Simply Laser team, or book an appointment online. If you have any questions about particular treatments, our experienced and certified technicians are happy to answer any questions. We also offer free initial consultations to discuss all of your options.


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