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Microblading Set to be the Next Eyebrow Trend | Sydney Morning Herald

Stephanie Darling tries microblading courtesy of Simply Laser founder Leona Gallagher. Read the full article here.

"Irish-born eyebrow expert Leona Gallagher ministers to the brow-challenged using the latest semi-permanent microblading technique. This process is often compared to tattooing but it's more precise, using a hand-held tool to "draw" individual hairs. It begins with Leona measuring my brows before applying a numbing cream for about 45 minutes.

She then assesses what shade will work best with my skin tone and blonde hair. After tinting and tidying my rather neglected brows, she starts blading along their natural line, drawing hair strokes on each brow.

Pain factor I won't lie – the anaesthetic cream does takes the edge off but it is certainly ouchy towards the end.

Downtime Two hours. For the next 10 days, I'm to keep my brows dry to lock in the pigment, and apply Bepanthen cream with a Q-tip morning and night.

Results My brows are dark and very defined and my colleagues are universally impressed. The intensity does fade a bit but two weeks in, they're perfect. I'll return at the six-week mark for a touch-up to cement the process, which lasts about a year."