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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are one of the most effective and affordable ways to turn back the hands of time! Peels are in great demand in recent years because they address the most common skin conditions including premature aging, acne and acne scarring, wrinkles, Melasma and pigmentation. Chemical peels remove surface skin cells and stimulate cell turnover over to give back that radiant look we remember.

The process, which is carried out by our highly trained practitioner Dr. Mohsen, involves the application of a chemical solution to the surface of the skin. This causes the skin to produce the careful removal of its outer layers. The amount of skin removed depends on the type of chemical used, the strength of the product and how long it is left on the skin.

There are three different levels related to this procedure:

  1. The stimulation of epidermal growth,
  2. The safe destruction of specific layers of damaged skin, which reveals improved skin,
  3. The induction of deeper inflammatory reaction which creates dermal changes in the skin.

Each of these treatments give differing levels of results, with number 1 being the gentlest option. Level 2 delves deeper into the skin, with Level 3 performing the highest level of product induction. All of these treatments should result in skin that is smoother, softer, and brighter.


Elizabeth Arden PRO Peel

Elizabeth Arden PRO Peel

$99 Each OR Buy 5 for $450 and get One Free!

An introductory peel that helps balance the skin with noticeable results. Designed to exfoliate, hydrate and even the appearance of the skin, this quick lunchtime peel is power-packed with skin-enhancing benefits! This peel is a total of 31% and has mainly AHA Acids.

This procedure takes 30 Minutes and is best if performed weekly for 5 weeks.


High Definition Peel


Prepare to impress with high definition results! This is an advanced, intensive monthly peel, providing ago defying improvements with noticeable results and minimal downtime. This peel has a total of 52% ABH Acids and is the strongest peel available here at Simply Laser.

This procedure takes 30 Minutes and must have product preparation at home for 2 weeks prior to treatment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need Preparation for chemical peel?

Yes you need to see our doctor 2 weeks before your first peel to give you some advice in order to prepare your skin for effective peeling. You must inform our Doctor about medications that you are / have been recently taking – particularly those that may have an effect on your skin. Your doctor will do a physical inspection of your skin and any areas to be treated. This will help to determine the most suitable type and level of chemical peel for you.

If you decide to procedure with your treatment, it is recommended that you arrive on the day with a clean, freshly washed face. If you are having a light Chemical Peel, our Doctor may advise that you use a glycolic based lotion prior to treatment. This is proven to provide a more uniform peel. The use of a Glycolic lotion prior to treatment can also help to determine whether or not you are sensitive to this acid.

It is also recommended that the patient avoids unprotected sun exposure before treatment (and in general). It is important to consistently use sunscreen in the days and weeks leading up to your treatment in order to prevent irregular pigmentation in treated areas. Additionally, it is best to avoid waxing, bleaching, hair removal and massages before your Chemical Peel.

2. How long do Chemical Peels take?

Chemical Peels generally only take a couple of minutes – depending on the size of the area being treated.

3. What condition will my skin be in just after the treatment?

Superficial peels have limited effects. Medium peels may cause some redness and the deeper peels may require 10-14 days to recover fully.

Redness, dryness and flaky patches of skin are an unfortunate side effect of almost any chemical peel treatment. It is important to prepare in advance for the aftermath of the procedure, such as taking a couple of days off from work in deep peeling cases. Each type of peel has its own individual side effect. In general, there are particular side-effects that are universal. However, effects last longer depending on the strength of the peel itself.

You may experience:

  • Temporary Dryness,
  • Temporary change in tone of skin,
  • Scales may appear as new skin is forming,
  • Swelling may occur in deep peels.

4. What are the recommended aftercare steps once I have my Chemical Peel?

It is recommended that each chemical peel patient wears a high sun protection, whilst also avoiding direct sunlight for at least 10-15 days after treatment. It is essential that patients frequently and gently cleanse their skin with a mild cleanser followed by cool water and a moisturizer or prescribed ointment. Also, it is essential that one drinks plenty of water to keep the skin extra hydrated.

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