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Teenage Skin

by | Jan 25, 2020

The teenage years are some of the most difficult in your life in many aspects.

You may not have a mortgage, a full-time job or anyone financially dependent on you. What you do have is the responsibility of juggling school, exams, friendships, being lovingly nagged and, for many, problematic skin that has an effect on how you feel about yourself.

Throughout the teen years, the surge and fluctuation of hormones, namely oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone, can bring about painful, red and irritated acne.

At Simply Laser we have treated many cases of teenage acne and created acne programs that achieve incredible results.



A thorough assessment and diagnosis by our Simply Laser Aestheticians is very important so we can access what is going on. Acne can be diagnosed from mild to moderate to severe, and if the skin is highly infected, a script for antibiotics from the doctor may be required before commencing treatment.

A course of treatments, for example, medicated peels and the correct prescriptive home care from your own personal esthetician at Simply Laser, will make a huge difference to the overall condition of your skin.

Our Personalised Skin Journey at Simply Laser includes …

Skin Assessment & diagnosis
Active Acne Treatments
Paramedical Prescription Skin Care
Your personal dedicated aesthetician, contactable at any time via Simply Laser App.

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Your skin’s beauty is not just a luxury. It’s a lifestyle!

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