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Defining HD Brows

by | Nov 5, 2021

What is a High Definition Brow (HD Brows) you ask?

HD Brows, their changing the brow game for the good, one brow at a time! So what makes this process any different to some of the other brow specialists in Brisbane, who claim to deliver some of Brisbane’s BEST brows. The answer…the technique and an eye for detail.

Creating HD Brows is an art form that takes between 30-45 minutes but will completely transform the appearance of your facial features.

We assess the shape of your face and colouring before setting to work on creating your personalised bespoke brow. We then tint, wax, thread and pluck using intricate detail and precision to ensure all brow hairs conform with your new shape and colour.

If you are someone who has sparse eyebrows, hope is not lost! We’ll work with you on a re-growth program so you can still reap the benefits of a high definition brow and better the look with every monthly visit.

Leona Gallagher, owner and HD Brow specialist, has a passion for the HD Brow method and is excited to be offering a tailored brow solution in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. “I enjoy creating customised brows for people. A person’s facial features and emotions are unique to their character and your brow shape should compliment these attributes. I love being able to offer my creativity and an eye for detail the HD Brow way”, says Leona.

Want to read more about HD Brows? Head over to the HD Brow website for more information

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