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Dermapen Reviews That Will Make You Want To Try It

by | Oct 21, 2020

On the fence about Dermapen skin needling? If you’re someone who needs to dig into research on cosmetic treatments before trying anything, whether it be scientific trials, dermatological advice or patient reviews, you’ll love reading these first-hand accounts of Dermapen treatments.



Rachel Lay wrote about her Dermapen treatment at Simply Laser, explaining why she decided to try skin needling, what the treatment process was like, and the level of pain you can expect, saying, “You can hear the buzzing of the needles, but you can’t really feel any pain. It is almost like a dull scratch on my forehead, and then on my cheeks and nose—honestly, I can barely feel a thing!”

She goes on to talk about the results she experienced post-treatment, which mimic the Dermapen results we see in the majority of our clients: “I wake up [the day after my treatment] to seriously glowing skin. Scars and redness left over from acne have faded, a line I had on my forehead from sun damage is pretty much invisible, and, if we’re being honest? I look amazing. I’ve never had skin this good. Even hormonal breakouts that were active during the treatment have calmed down, and are a whole lot less red.

“It’s been about a month since the treatment, and my skin is still looking and feeling great. I’m totally hooked, and ready to book another one!”

You can read the full article on The Urban List.



Elizabeth Best also shared her experience of Dermapen treatments in detail, telling readers that she decided to try the treatment herself after seeing some jaw-dropping before-and-after photos online.

Describing herself as “Queen of the Wimps”, she was nervous about the pain of skin needling, but after her first treatment she tells us, “you know what? It’s not that bad. The vibrations from the device kind of offset any real needle like sensation, so what I end up with is a little stinging feeling instead.”

Elizabeth combined her Dermapen treatments with a few Endymed treatments to target her hyperpigmentation, and this is what she said of the results, “in the end, I had three Dermapen treatments and two Endymed treatments with the rockstar skin specialists at Simply Laser. I am thrilled with my results and even my mother who normally tells me I need to stop picking my skin told me she thought I was glowing lately.”

“You’re going to have to prise me away from the mirror because damn girl. I fricking hate needles and I would do this again and again for results like these.”

We’re thrilled that Elizabeth shared a before-and-after photo of her treatment results, which really do speak for themselves! You can read the full review on SHE SAID.


If the two glowing reviews above weren’t enough to convince you to try a Dermapen treatment for yourself, hear what two more of our clients have said on our Facebook page about how they used Dermapen treatments to address skin concerns like pigmentation, melasma and acne scarring.

“Coming from a nursing/cosmetic injector background I have a lot of insight into what treatments work and what makes a clinic great. Leona meets all those expectations and provides treatments that have fantastic results. My favourite treatment is the Dermapen. I’ve had amazing results, my skin is plump, elasticity has increased and pigmentation reduced significantly. I could not be happier so thank you Leona”. – Aisling Watters

“I had Dermapen and skin needling with fractional laser there, and it really helped my melasma and acne scarring. 5 stars!” – Elizabeth Hannah



Whether you want to target fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, pigmentation or stretch marks, the beauty experts at Simply Laser can advise you on the best treatment plan going forward. You can book your Dermapen skin needling consultation online, or contact us. Our clinic is located in a discreet location in the Brisbane CBD.

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