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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Stretch Mark Removal

If you’re ready to say sayonara to stretch marks, you’re in luck. Laser stretch mark removal is an effective treatment for improving the appearance of marks on your stomach, legs, arms or anywhere else that’s bothering you. Here’s everything you need to know before booking in for a treatment.


How Laser Stretch Mark Removal Works

For all our laser stretch mark removal treatments, we use our cutting-edge, state-of-the-art ND YAG laser. This laser penetrates the sub-layers of your skin to encourage collagen and elastin growth. And given that stretch marks are a form of scar tissue where collagen is lacking, our ND YAG laser works to significantly reduce the appearance of these pesky marks.


Are There Any Risks and Does It Hurt?

In terms of risks involved, certain medications such as Roaccutane may cause photosensitivity which can result in pigmentation. If you’re currently taking any medications, talk to your laser specialist so they can ensure the best possible treatment path for you.

And is it painful, you ask? The treatment is actually quite comfortable! Most of our customers experience a warm sensation on their skin. The treated area may feel a bit like a sunburn for a few hours after, but the experience should not be painful.


What You Need to Do Before and After Laser Treatment

Two weeks before your laser stretch mark removal treatment, avoid tanning booths and limit sun exposure by applying SPF30+ sunscreen daily. One week before your treatment, do not apply any topical fake tans, and avoid the use of any retinoid, glycolic acid or astringents one week before your treatment. We want to make sure that your skin isn’t any more sensitive than it normally is, because this can result in pigmentation.

After your treatment, avoid sun exposure for a few days, and anything that could make the treated area hot (like a bath, or excessive exercise). And for at least 24 hours post-treatment, avoid retinoid, glycolic acid, astringents and swimming pools with chlorine or any other harsh chemicals.


Simply Laser Reviews

Here’s what some of our lovely customers say about our laser treatments.

“I can highly recommend Leona and her amazing team at Simply Laser. Coming from a nursing/cosmetic injector background I have a lot of insight into what treatments work and what makes a clinic great. Leona meets all those expectations and provides treatments that have fantastic results… my skin is plump, elasticity has increased and pigmentation reduced significantly.”

“Leona is simply one of the most caring skin technicians I have met. The time she takes and the level of detail in her work is truly refreshing.”

“I can't rave enough about Kate at Simply Laser! I'm so impressed with how professional she is and what an awesome job she does. She's at the cutting edge with training and the latest equipment. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about getting laser treatment. I'm loving my results! Wish I had got it done years ago!!”

Simply Laser is simply amazing! It was painless, easy but most of all effective and outstanding in its results. After a few weeks, my skin is plump, younger and brighter - I would highly recommend Leona and her staff for any of their treatments!”


Ready to Kiss Those Stretch Marks Goodbye?

To get rid of stretch marks for good, come in for a free consultation with one of our friendly, highly-trained beauty professionals. Our Simply Laser clinic is in a discreet location in the Brisbane CBD, so you can stop by whenever suits. To book an appointment, get in touch with our Brisbane laser professionals, or book a laser stretch mark removal appointment online.

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