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Everything You Need to Know Before Trying Facial Peels in Brisbane

When people hear the words “face peels” or “chemical peels”, it’s not unusual to imagine a face of flaking red skin and a burning sensation. However, this is a long perpetuated myth about facial peels; the process is far less dramatic but the jaw-dropping results are real! Here at Simply Laser, our dermal clinicians are expertly trained to provide the best facial peels in Brisbane to ensure amazing results with none of the pain.


Why Do Facial Peels Work?

Facial peels contain naturally derived acids that penetrate the skin to exfoliate dead cells and support the process of skin regeneration. The outer layer of our skin naturally renews itself every 27 days, but as we get older, the diminishing efficiency of this process causes signs of ageing. Facial peels accelerate this process with a combination of AHAs, BHAs, salicylic and glycolic acids that gently dissolve the surface layer of skin and promote healthy collagen production.

At Simply Laser, we’re proud stockists of Image Skincare’s wide range of professional skin peels. They use the highest percentage of active ingredients allowable by the FDA. Cosmetic specialists administer powerful facial peels in our Brisbane clinic to reverse the effects of skin damage and provide an instant lift.

The deep exfoliation helps with pigmentation, scarring and congested skin by removing the excess oils trapped deep beneath the surface causing inflammation. Unlike physical exfoliants that rely on causing abrasions to remove dead cells, facial peels are often considered safer by dermatologists as they gently break down the top layers of skin and are typically applied by a trained aesthetician.


Skin Concerns Facial Peels Can Address

Not all facial peels are created equal! It’s very important to pick the right facial peel for your skin goals. We have facial peels in our Brisbane clinic that can address all of the following skin concerns.

  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Acne scarring
  • Sun damage
  • Spots and breakouts
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reducing pore size
  • Tightening and toning
  • Brightening
  • Uneven texture


What to Expect When Getting a Facial Peel Treatment

The application process is quite straightforward. Our clinicians will carefully apply an Image Skincare signature peel and leave it on the skin for a short amount of time for the peel to take effect. Once we remove the peel, we will apply a moisturiser and sunscreen for ultimate skin protection.

When looking for skin peels, there are different concentrations of active ingredients that perform at various intensities to treat different skin concerns. Some facial peels remove a superficial layer of skin to provide a dewy glow, while others dissolve deeper layers to correct imperfections, and have a longer recovery time. Depending on the intensity of your peel, the sensitivity of your skin and the problem you’re wanting to address, your experience of a facial peel will range anywhere from feeling no sensation to a warm tingling.

For a lighter peel, we may prescribe the use of a hydrating Vitamin C cream to maintain glowing results for longer. For deeper, more intense peels that require a longer period of aftercare, we recommend avoiding cosmetic products other than sunscreen to protect your new skin.

To tackle ongoing concerns, receiving facial peel treatments at regular intervals might work best for you.


Can I Get the Same Results at Home?

Image Skincare’s facial peels contain powerful ingredients, and we only recommend them as an in-clinic treatment. However, we stock a wide selection of their take-home skin care products, from Serums to their Vital C collection and Exfoliators. Visit our clinic on Edward Street in Brisbane City, and you’ll be able to ask our cosmetic specialists about the best peel package for you.


Looking for Facial Peels in Brisbane?

If you’re ready to book one of Image Skincare’s signature facial peels in our Brisbane clinic you can contact our team or call us to book an appointment. Starting from $130 for our luxurious peels, you can book your first peel with us today and receive tailored advice for your skin needs from our specialists.

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