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Five Beauty Treatments To Try Post-Isolation In Brisbane

by | Sep 6, 2021

Not feeling like your usual self? You’re not alone. While spending more time at home isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there’s no denying that Covid-19 has caused a lot of stress in our lives. Stress can make our skin react differently from how it usually does to products or environmental factors, or make any existing skin conditions flare up. Now that we are slowly coming out of “hibernation” and skin clinics like Simply Laser are allowed to offer all services again, it’s time to get back on top of your skin health and treatments you may have missed. Here are some of the must-do beauty treatments to book in now at our Brisbane salon.



One of the most popular beauty treatments at our Brisbane salon Post-Covid has been laser hair removal.

At Simply Laser, we offer effective treatments for both light and dark skin tones. Our certified laser technicians can remove hair from all body parts, for both women and men. You can view our prices for women here, and for men here.

Laser hair removal works by using a narrowly-focused laser beam to damage the growing hair at its follicle. As your treatments continue, your hair will grow back slower until the follicle produces very little hair at all. Treatments should take place every 4 to 6 weeks, and you may require 6 to 10 treatments depending on the area of the body.



Unkempt brows? We’re sure to have the right brow treatment for you.


This treatment is one of our latest beauty treatments in Brisbane, and it’s perfect for those who want thick, full brows that require no styling.

What we do is brush and smooth your hairs up into the desired position, and then we use a chemical solution to set them in place. We can also tint your brows to give them a fuller, more defined look. Once your brows are done, there’s no need to worry about filling your brows with a pencil or gel and sculpting them for at least 6 weeks. Learn more about Brow Lamination.


High Definition Brows is a bespoke 7-step treatment to create amazing brows that suit you. The process of this treatment includes a patch test before your actual appointment, consultation, tinting, waxing, threading and finishing (remove hairs with tweezer). Your consultation is key for this beauty treatment. Our team will assess your face shape and colouring before creating a tailored brow for you.


This semi-permanent makeup procedure involves insertions of colour pigment into the surface of the skin with a fine blade. Using semi permanent makeup to create your brow shape and colour means that it can last up to 18 months. The process takes longer than our other brow treatments, but there is little to no downtime once the treatment is done. To ensure your brow colour lasts, we do recommend a singular touch up between the first and third month after your appointment.


We offer a number of beauty treatments that specifically focus on creating beautiful skin at our Brisbane salon.


Our DMK Enzyme Therapy facial is aimed to strengthen the structural integrity of your skin. It also removes any dead protein or toxins from your skin, leaving a radiant complexion. This treatment is recommended for those looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, treat acne, reduce pigmentation or other scarring, and stimulate collagen for plumper skin.


We love Image Skincare at Simply Laser. All products are formulated by a team of chemists and physicians, and use the highest percentages of active medical-grade ingredients to give you healthy, glowing skin. Not only do we stock a wide range of these products, but we also offer a number of their signature peels at our clinic. These beauty treatments work to reverse the effects of skin damage by eliminating dull and lifeless cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines, clogged pores and blemishes. They also support the production of collagen for firmer-looking skin. We currently have a four-step Iso pack on offer. For $399, you’ll get:

1 x Prescription Skin Evaluation
1 x Extraction/ Detox / Vitamin A Facial
1 x Prescriptive Home Mask
1 x Dermapen 4 Skin Needling

The Vital C product line is perfect for dry/dehydrated and sensitive skin types, as well as those prone to rosacea. Our amazing team at our Brisbane CBD can run through the products and help you find the right ones for your post-isolation skin concerns.


Ready to get your glow back? Book one of our many beauty treatments at our Brisbane salon today! Get in touch to organise a skin consultation.

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