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Here’s Why You Should Have A Skin Consultation Before Your First Treatment

by | Jun 21, 2022

With so many cosmetic treatments available targeting a plethora of skin complaints, it can be tempting to jump right in without a second thought – which can lead to not seeing the results you were hoping for. Here at Simply Laser, we take pride in ensuring every skin care treatment plan is customised and targeted towards each of our client’s individual needs and wants, to ensure your skincare goals become a reality. We always recommend a skin consultation with us at the start your skincare journey with us, so that our estheticians can select the best treatments for you with personalised skincare advice.


A skin consultation allows our expertly trained estheticians to assess the skin and discuss your treatment options, lifestyle and current skincare routine. The process takes 45 minutes and uses the observ520 device to photograph and analyse the skin. Our estheticians take a total of 18 photos in 6 different modes before any treatment to investigate and monitor the progress of your skin. Then the esthetician will be able to discuss your concerns, previous treatments you’ve tried and ascertain the best course of treatments going forward. You will be able to receive the correct prescriptive home care and keep in touch with your personal esthetician via our Simply Laser app.


Consultations can identify a wide range of concerns including acne, signs of ageing, pigmentation, redness and clogged pores. Through consultation with a professional, it’s also possible to determine your skin’s texture and type. Our estheticians are also able to provide the best possible product recommendations for oily, normal, sensitive or dry skin.  A skin analysis may also spot problematic areas of inflammation or sun spots that require a dermatologist or medication before commencing treatment.


Identifying your skin needs is essential for ascertaining the range of treatments that will be most effective for your skincare journey. It can save time, money that would otherwise be invested in the trial and error of any number of treatments, as well as help to avoid potential sensitivities or reactions.

Some treatments like laser skin rejuvenation can address multiple concerns simultaneously, but may not be suited to someone needing a treatment that has no aftercare requirements. In other instances, one of our more gentle facial peels might be recommended for someone with sensitive and dehydrated skin. After a thorough skin examination, our estheticians can talk you through what to expect and the best aftercare for your skin needs. We offer medicated peels by Image Skincare and active acne treatments following diagnosis.

Getting an in-depth look at your skin with the advice of professionals will ensure that you can effectively manage your skincare concerns and reach your goals faster. If you’re unsure about any aspect of your skin’s reactivity, your skincare routine or lifestyle changes, a simple consultation will put you on the right track.


Our estheticians will help you take the next steps on your journey to healthier, clearer and more youthful skin. Skin consultations are $50 and redeemable on products over $100. You can book an appointment with our team today to get started.

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