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Laser Hair Removal for Indian Skin

Our laser specialists at Simply Laser have extensive experience treating unwanted hair on Indian skin. While laser hair removal was originally most effective on people with pale skin and dark hair, advancements in laser technology now make laser hair removal effective on all skin types, granted the right equipment is used. Find out why Simply Laser has become a leader in conducting laser hair removal for dark skin.


How Laser Hair Removal Works

The reason why laser hair removal used to be most effective on people with pale skin and dark hair is that the laser technology could easily pick up on the colour contrast between the skin and hair, and effectively target the hair follicle.

And because dark colours absorb more light, people with pale skin could be treated at a higher laser intensity without risk that their skin would absorb this light instead of their hair. Meanwhile, those with dark skin would previously be susceptible to burns and hyper-pigmentation. However, new technology now allows safe and effective laser hair removal on all skin tones.


Skin Types Explained

A common way of determining your skin type is to look at the Fitzpatrick scale, which evaluates how your skin reacts to sunlight. People with skin types 4-6 require a special type of laser to achieve effective hair loss.

The Fitzpatrick Skin-Typing Scale
Skin TypeSkin Colour Reaction to Sun
1Very white or freckledAlways burns/never tans
2WhiteUsually burns/sometimes tans
3White to oliveSometimes burns/always tans
4BrownRarely burns
5Dark brownVery rarely burns/moderately pigmented
6BlackHighly pigmented


Which Laser Works Best for Dark Skin?

Laser machines that use long wavelengths are best for darker skin tones between 4-6 on the Fitzpatrick scale. This is because the long wavelengths can bypass the surface layer of the skin and penetrate deeper where hair follicles reside. This significantly reduces the possibility of damage to the surface of the skin. However, if you’re concerned about damage to your skin, your laser specialist can conduct a patch test to see if irritations will occur.


Laser Hair Removal for Indian Men

We commonly use laser hair removal technology to treat unwanted hair on men. Men often see us to remove hair on their backs, chests, stomachs and facial areas. See our full list of treatable areas and laser prices. If you have any questions or concerns about laser hair removal for men, get in touch.


Book a Laser Treatment

Our laser clinic has a discreet location on Albert Street in the Brisbane CBD. To book your laser hair removal appointment, you can either book online or get in touch with our team. Give us a call on 07 3211 4785 or email

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