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Laser Hair Removal For Men

by | Aug 21, 2021

The traditional ways for men to groom their hair are often shaving, waxing, or simply trimming. But these methods lead to many skincare hassles because they can be quite harsh on your skin.

Generally, these skincare hassles, such as bruises or bumps, are considered normal and accepted side effects. But should they? The idea of skincare for men certainly raises a lot of brows — a lot of ungroomed brows.

Skincare is not uniquely created for women; you can care for and treat your skin better. Healthy skin and hairs are attractive and a true sign of manliness. If you struggle with weird hair growth, shaving bumps, or bruises, and you want a gentler alternative on your skin, then we suggest you opt for laser hair removal in Brisbane.

Are you unfamiliar with the term? You don’t have to worry; in this article, we shall go through all it entails and how Simply Laser can ensure a smooth procedure for you.


Simply put, laser hair removal is a simple technique for removing hair that involves a focused beam of light penetrating the epidermis, targeting the root of the hair follicle.

The light then disables the regenerative cycle of the hair without having to break or bruise the skin. The process of laser hair removal can also be explained as weakening the follicle shaft until it withers and no hair grows to replace it for a long while.

The follicle absorbs the light, and it is with constant exposure that there are assured long-term results.


  • Presence of Excess Body Hair

If you are a man and you happen to have excessive hair growth in places you are not very pleased with, like the back or shoulder, you might feel a little conscious about it.

If you try to shave or wax it, it grows back even more and considerably quicker and with a thicker texture, so you just leave it. But this does not have to be the case; you can attend to it with the right method, a long-lasting procedure.

Laser hair removal Brisbane is painless and effective, and can remove hair from even hard-to-reach places that shaving and waxing can’t.

  • Personal Hygiene

Now, we’d like to clear up a common misconception about men and hair before we proceed. The presence of excess body hair is not directly proportional to a lack of hygiene, nor is it inversely proportional to good hygiene.

The hygienic benefits of laser hair removal, however, exist. For some men, laser hair removal can help reduce irritation caused by excess hair or regrowth from shaving.

Laser hair removal can also help ease the itchiness that is common with a temperature rise when sweat combines with hair.

Finally, most men struggle with hair growth on their back and buttock area; laser hair removal Brisbane can easily rid these abnormal or unwanted hairs.

  • Easier Facial Hair Grooming

With men and facial hair, there are a lot of problem areas that often get smoothed over or ignored with other methods of hair removal. But not with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal makes facial hair grooming so much easier and a lot more effective as well.

The area most dominated by hair on the face are the cheek and chin, but there is usually ingrown hairs on the neck. Getting to the hair can lead to a series of skincare issues.

Laser hair removal can help treat or prevent Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, which manifests as dark bumps or inflamed skin around the hair follicles. This condition often occurs after shaving.

  • Managing Balding

Male pattern balding is a common occurrence, and can either be gradual or quite rapid. It can start gradually, in the form of less aggressive alopecia, or it can be a sporadic loss of head and facial hair.

Some men would comb over the bald spots to hide them, but then with laser hair removal, there is a better alternative.

Laser hair removal Brisbane can target those areas and permanently treat the balding. Shaving or waxing would only irritate the epidermis and cause even weaker regrowth.

We can also get rid of failed hair plugs for you with laser hair removal, especially if they don’t look good, or just cause irritation.


When you see the word “laser,” your mind strays to the movies and the searing hot lasers that cut through metal, bone, and concrete. But be calm; this is less fantastical and much safer as well.

Laser hair removal procedure is painless; you do not even feel discomfort from spending time; you are made comfortable the whole time. Your skin stays uninjured, unburnt, and free of any irritation. So you do not have to stress about pain or discomfort during or after the procedure.

Most men; because of a lack of information on the procedure and perhaps a refusal to let go of their traditional hair removal methods, shy away from laser hair removal. Some even insist it would cause skin cancer or that it might ruin any chance of hair growing again. All of these are false and ludicrous.

Laser hair removal Brisbane is safe, painless, seamless, and, most importantly, healthy.


Hair removal for men can be a tedious and sometimes painful activity. The traditional methods of hair removal pose many skin problems such as irritation, bumps, and even visible skin scarring.

With laser hair removal Brisbane, there is a reduced risk of any irritation, injury, bump, or scars. It even helps increase the period between each hair removal appointment, because it accurately targets and weakens the root of the hair follicle, effectively halting the reproductive cycle of the hairs.

For the best Laser Hair Removal in Brisbane, you can trust only one name; Simply Laser. Call us today!

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