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Skin In Your 30s

by | Feb 26, 2022

Skin In Your 30s

At Simply Laser, we believe a beautiful day starts with beautiful skin. We are skin experts and can help you reverse the signs of ageing.

The harsh reality is that as we enter our thirties, all of the stuff that makes our skin naturally healthy starts to deteriorate. We have around 50% collagen left in our skin. Hyaluronic acid production also slows down and cellular turnover only hits us around every four to six weeks as opposed to every 28 days. As everything starts to slow down, this is where your monthly clinic treatments  combined with prescriptive skin care containing essential ingredients like vitamin A & C come in.

Our ethos at Simply Laser is to work with the skin, and we have learnt that the body reacts in a positive manner to chemistry it recognises. In addition, we use products designed to compliment the body’s chemistry along with medical grade lasers and technology to achieve optimum results.

After a thorough skin assessment we will prescribe a series of chemical peelsDMK enzyme therapy and FSR skin needling. A good prescriptive skin care routine is also highly recommended.


Your Personalised Skin Journey includes

Skin Assessment  & diagnosis 
Dermal skin treatments
Paramedical Prescription Skin Care 
Your personal dedicated aesthetician, contactable at any time via Simply Laser App


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Your skin’s beauty is not just a luxury. It’s a lifestyle!

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