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The Dark Myth Of Laser Hair Removal

by | Apr 5, 2021

Laser hair removal used to discriminate based on the colour of your skin. Thankfully advanced laser technology has banished this injustice and made laser hair removal available to all individuals who want to be liberated from the constant need to shave, wax, pluck and twease.

Although this advancement brings great news to many ethnic backgrounds, it is still important to understand the types of laser and which ones are suitable for darker skin to deliver optimum results.

Laser and light-based devices used for hair removal are highly sensitive to the color and melanin in the skin. Dark skin absorbs the laser light more than light skin does which is why it is essential that the laser used has a longer wavelength. This allows the laser to bypass the darker epidermis, penetrating deeper into the skin thus avoiding potential epidermal damage (surface damage).

At Simply Laser we use the ND YAG laser, which is specifically designed to treat those with darker skin tones. Like all cosmetic and paramedical procedures, ensure that the laser technician has the appropriate qualifications to be performing laser for hair removal. Don’t be afraid to ask for their knowledge and background in working with darker skin tones. Researching and making the right decision for your skin is a right not a luxury.

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