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Try Our Latest Treatment: Brow Lamination

by | Mar 21, 2022

Thick, full brows are certainly a trend these days, and here at Simply Laser, we like to make sure that we are able to offer our customers the latest, and the very best in treatment options for achieving this.

MicrobladingCosmetic Tattooing and HD Brows have been statement treatments over the last few years, and now, we are so excited to introduce our latest offering: Brow Lamination. Originating in Russia, this treatment is relatively new and is already taking the beauty world by storm. If you’re unsure what it entails, read on!



Imagine having thick, full brows that keep their shape without the need for brushing or styling? Well, that’s exactly what Brow Lamination achieves. The treatment takes unruly brows or thinning brow hair, brushes and smooths the hairs out into the desired position. They are then set in place using a chemical solution.



So, what can you expect during your Brow Lamination treatment?

First, we will start off with a brow consultation to determine your brow goals and find the perfect shape style for your face. We will then cleanse the brows and apply curling lotion, which allows us to manipulate the current position of your brows and brush them up into a new position. This lotion is processed under glad wrap. The setting time depends on the thickness of your brows.

Next, we will use a fixing lotion to helps brush and set them into shape and trim the brows to appear cleaner. To nourish and give the brows a shine, we then use Shine Repair. If you would like your eyebrows tinted, this is when we would do it – before final shaping and after setting them into place. Finally, we will either wax, pluck or thread unwanted the hairs to achieve your desired brow.



Not only will you leave your appointment with perfect brows, there are many other benefits of the Brow Lamination treatment:

  • Results last up to 6 to 8 weeks following the treatment, provided that you follow the aftercare advice below;
  • You can achieve full, lush brows by only working with your natural hairs;
  • There’s zero maintenance involved with lamination. You won’t have to worry about sculpting and filling your brows with a pencil and gel;
  • Brow Lamination works for most eyebrow shapes. It is perfect for those with sparse hairs looking to add some thickness and fluffiness to their brows. It is also perfect for those with full brows looking to add some definition and improve their brow shape;
  • At Simply Laser, we use skin-friendly products that have been formulated to be applied directly on the skin; and
  • No downtime is needed after this treatment.



Now that your treatment is done, there are a few aftercare rules to follow in order to maintain your brows. First, you will need to keep the brows dry for 24 hours while they set in shape – keep them away from heat, steam and water.

After that, we recommend brushing your brows with a clean spoolie and applying a small amount of serum or oil to keep the hair hydrated. The chemicals used in process can be a bit drying on the brows, so hydration is key.



Sounds like a brow treatment for you? Simply Laser are one of the few clinics in Brisbane that offer Brow Lamination. For just $129, we can help you achieve your dream brows! To book an appointment, please get in touch.

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