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We Bust 5 Myths About Cosmetic Tattooing

by | Apr 21, 2020


Cosmetic tattooing, or semi-permanent makeup, is a popular treatment that involves the insertion of pigments into the surface of the skin using a fine blade. Areas that can be tattooed are the lips, eyebrows and eye line. This cosmetic treatment is not only a time-saver when it comes to brow maintenance, but it can also do wonders for your confidence levels. Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions surround this procedure. We are here to set the facts straight and bust 5 myths surrounding cosmetic tattooing.



While this treatment produces an illusion of fuller, more defined brows, it is a semi-permanent process that only lasts for up to eighteen months. The pigments used are degradable, making them very different from regular tattooing inks. What this means is that your immune system pushes the pigment out and digests it over time, causing the ink to fade. Skin type can also affect the longevity of this treatment, for instance, oily skin will not retain the pigment as well. If you do require a touch up between those eighteen months, we suggest coming back to us in between the first and third month of the procedure.



This type of tattooing is vastly different to a conventional tattoo for many reasons. As previously mentioned, cosmetic tattooing is semi-permanent makeup and uses very different ink to a conventional tattoo. The skin around the eyes and lips are very delicate, meaning a finer blade or needle is required for semi-permanent makeup procedures. At Simply Laser, we use a pen-like machine with powder fill and a fine blade that is much smaller to needles used in a tattoo gun. We rapidly insert the pigment with thin strokes which means the powder fill cannot be placed as deeply into the skin. The pigments used in cosmetic tattoos are also designed to fade. This allows us to change the shape and colour as time goes on.



A common myth surrounding cosmetic tattooing is that the procedure is painful. While everyone has their individual tolerance levels, you are more likely to feel discomfort rather than pain. At Simply Laser, we use anaesthetic creams before and throughout the procedure to ease any discomfort. We also use fine blades, making it a less painful procedure than a traditional tattoo.



There is no need to shave your eyebrows before this procedure. Our most common cosmetic tattoo procedures are either eyebrow tattoo or eyebrow feathering, where we mimic the growth of your already existing hair. The machine is used to pinpoint the skin underneath the hair. We will work with your natural brow as a template and will make sure the tattoo blends in perfectly. Once the cosmetic tattooing treatment is complete, we will run a final brow groom to get rid of any stray hairs. Three days before your procedure, we recommend that you do not undergo any waxing or tinting.



It is imperative to understand that a number of health problems do not mix well with this procedure. We do not recommend undergoing cosmetic tattooing if you are or have any of the following:

  • Pregnant and/or nursing
  • Diabetic
  • Undergoing chemotherapy
  • Epilepsy
  • Major heart problems
  • Skin irritations
  • A viral infection
  • Cold/flu
  • Botox in the past two months

There are skin types also not suited to the procedure. For instance, oily skin won’t retain the pigment as well, and darker skin tones may experience hyper pigmentation issues.



For a flawless, natural look, give us a call to book your cosmetic tattooing appointment. Our other eyebrow services include microblading and High Definition Brows. If you have any questions about cosmetic tattooing at Simply Laser, we’d be happy to help.

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